Herb Upham


I enjoy many hobbies such as amateur radio, metalworking, welding and blacksmithing. I am a member of ABANA and the California Blacksmith Association and teach blacksmithing for CBA members in my home shop. I am currently the secretary of the California Blacksmith Association and have held the offices of President and Education Chair. As well as a 3 year term as ABAA secretary..

I forge ornamental iron work and tools in addition to teaching. I have appeared as a blacksmith on an early episode of Myth Busters exploring “Exploding Hammers”. This episode has appeared on “re-run” specials frequently.

Some examples of my work … The ABANA ring was constructed in collaboration with Lowell Chaput

Forged roses                         Pot rack          ABANA Ring   ABANA grill with ring

You may be interested in a side show, Blacksmith tour of Central Europe (this is a large pdf file), in 2005 with Lowell and Linda Chaput traveling on grants from the California Blacksmith Association.

URLs you may like:

Making nails by Dave Smucker

My CBA class schedule:



FOR INFORMATION CALL CRAIG LITWIN @ 707-634-6132 or Cnlitwin@gmail.com

OR TOM SEDER @ Seder.t83@gmail.com

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